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Huggles for You

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A Little Bit of Everything - Skintone Blend
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O hai LiveJournal. I disappeared off the face of the Internet for a while there. Now that I'm back, I wanted to post again - but I didn't have anything to post, except rants about stupid college and stupid technology and breaking laptop screens and harddrive-killing viruses. So I tried something completely new!
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Also, because I am a noob, I have a question - can other programs unzip 7zip archive files? I've downloaded custom content in that format before, and the higher level of compression would really help because my Internet connection is extremely slow. Answered and files updated, thank you!

Grassy Knoll
 This one was being a tricky bugger for some reason. The camera angle is awkward. 

                                                      Full size - Without Sim

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In his Footsteps
I've been doing a little fiddling to make my game properly Egyptified.
This week's project :


                                                       Full size - Without Sim

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Recolor of Sentate's Oversized Top
Neuro Approves

I thought it turned out well, so hey, why not share? 

This is just a quick recolor of Sentate's mesh (found here). The mesh is included in the file for convenience.
Download link: Here.

Mesh polygon count: 1288

Huggles for You
Hello there! I usually go by the username ClariPlayer5, a.k.a. Clari, though this account has a different name for some unfathomable reason. I am an eternally procrastinating graphics maker and occasional sharer of custom content.

A little about me :

- I am a Knowledge Sim with a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese.  My lifetime want is reaching the top of the journalism career track. Both my personality and astrological sign are that of Aquarius. My traits are Bookworm, Childish, Loner, Vegetarian and Virtuoso.

- Music is my love. I play loads of musical instruments, though I only play one well: clarinet. 

- Egypt is my second love. I would have become an Egyptologist if only the political climate in that region were a little less unstable. 

- As it is, I am currently on route to become a journalist specializing in international reporting.  I'm learning both Spanish and Japanese and hope to study abroad soon.

Random friend requests are quite welcome. I will, of course, add you back. I am a rather shy and generally un-intimidating person, so don't be afraid to speak up!

My former posts have been moved and can be read here.


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